The Journey Begins


Can you see the forest for the trees?

Being able to see the larger picture in times of an emergency and chaos is one of life’s biggest challenges . . .  thus requiring BIG operational machinery to handle the job at hand.

As a JourneyMan, Mechanical Engineer, having developed and being the CEO of a large company,  I have a life time of experience tending to people and difficult situations dealing with mishap and emergencies. I am well versed with helping you see the forest for the trees, getting the job done. There are many obstacles to service what might appear to be just one to those not as well trained.

As a need I see in the area, I am on a Journey to bring will trained, experienced, licensed, insured, caring teams of experts in their field together. Our teams will bring you peace of mind dealing with large issues that may seem to overwhelm and exceed yours or others capabilities to get your needed job done. Also to do so without causing more hardship nor exceeding time and money needed to accomplish your immediate concerns and finishing the task safely.

I enjoy serving people and my community. I also like knowing I can get jobs done the right way others can not, saving more hardship of folks in need. Being from the area and an Alumni of SMS University, I feel a great connection to give back what I gained from Springfield.

One step at a time I am here to win your trust and confidence…as big trees are no small matter.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton